Best Friends

Hope everyone is having a great weekend out there in Internet-land.



  1. I'm reminded of a real life criminal who would kidnap young girls and lock them in his self made dungeon and then pretend that he was also imprisoned there the girls would believe this and he would have an a tape play out instructions for them to do sexual acts to each other. This was several years ago I read about this I can't remember if he ended up killing them or not. Sadly I don't think the sick bastard was ever caught until after his death.

    Anyway you think it's possible Chris might be behind something similar? ;)

    1. Hmmm, I think it's EXTREMELY possible, Jay. ;-)

    2. Cool! Whether it's Chris or some unseen tormentor behind this I think Chris will ultimately be the one that makes a WOMAN out of Miguel.

    3. Yep. And once (if) they are freed, I doubt very much Miguel will ever be able to return to his old, masculine life! He might end up Chris' girl forever. ;)

    4. The hopeless romantic in me prays that's the case ;)