Maternity Leave

Happy New Year! 2015 will be a great year--or at least it will for TG captions!

So, the below caption is one of those that personally tickles my fancy. I've always loved the idea of a man being feminized in this way.

I know it's a bit of a long one, but I hope you like it all the same.

Have a safe and fun New Year's Eve everyone!


Fairy Dust

Okay, this is it until after Santa comes. Have a Merry Christmas, everyone. :)



Hi again, everybody. Here's another caption. Yay! I hope to do one more tomorrow before I'm gone for Christmas. I know, I know... I just got back... ;)


Make It Up To Him

Merry Christmas! Terribly sorry for my long absence. No real excuse, except to say I became incredibly busy and was a little dry on inspiration. Thanks for your patients and all your kind comments, though!

Hope everyone out there in TG land is having a good holiday season so far. Anyway, on to the first caption in a long while. :)


Almost Perfect

Hello all! I'm still hard at work on the "epic" sized cap I mentioned in the post below. I hope this one sates you beasties for now. ;)

Again, thanks for everyone who takes the time to vote and comment! It's very encouraging.


Costume Party

It's almost the weekend. Woohoo! I whipped up this caption, and I'm glad I did. I've always been a fan of "plus-sized" girls.:)

Oh! And I have another epic-sized cap in the works. It should be rearing its head this weekend if all goes well.

Stay classy, Internet.


Once A Marine...

Back again! Thanks to everyone who comment on these. It makes my day every time. :)

I had this one sitting around the hard drive and just yesterday rediscovered it. Hurray!


The Best of a Bad Situation

Welcome to a new week! Hope everyone had a restful and / or exciting weekend.

I've wanted to cap these pictures since I stumbled across them. I also employed a little photo manipulation, but not much. Enjoy!

I must admit, Taylor's plight really stoked my imagination. I outlined a whole story for him which I may expand into a short story.

You see, at the National Scholastic Awards he meets two pretty girls who naturally assume Taylor is a lesbian. When they end up attending the same university, one of the girls comes out to him by confessing her attraction to him--as a woman! Does Taylor admit he's really a boy? Or does he fake womanhood until he can figure out what to do?

Of course, we all know which path he chooses, and things spiral out of control from there! ;-)


Find Out What It Means To Me

It's the freakin' weekend! Hope you guys are enjoying it. We're back to the usual one panel today. ;)


Contract Negotiations - Part 2

Here is the (hopefully) exciting conclusion to "Contract Negotiations."


Contract Negotiations - Part 1

Okay, now I've completely left the reservation. Five captions for one story. I'm sorry, guys and dolls, these are getting stupidly verbose. But, hey, when the muse calls, you better answer.

I'm going to post it in two parts, so be sure to check back tomorrow if you enjoy part one.


Lying Low

Welcome to the new week, everyone. I had a good time writing this story. Maybe too good of a time since I needed two pictures to fit it all in. Have a scandalous Monday, you guys.



100,000 Pageviews!

Tonight we surpassed 100,000 pageviews! That's pretty damn cool. Thanks to all of you for visiting and a special thanks to those who take the time to comment. It's incredibly gratifying to hear back from those of you enjoying the captions.

Thanks again!


The Bastard

My apologies for the lack of captions. I was away from the keyboard for a few days. Since I missed the Game of Thrones finale, I decided to do one in the vein of George R.R. Martin. Enjoy!


First Day of a New Life


Hello to all the newcomers who've found their way to the blog. Hope you're enjoying what you've seen so far. I hope to post once a day, so be sure to check back daily for new captions. And if you enjoy them, comment and let me know.


Lady and the Tramp

The Beginning of Something

My first post. A celebratory occasion. For years I have leeched off the creativity and depravity of others, enjoying their efforts but returning only pageviews. Now I will strive to give back some of what I have taken.

This blog will contained captioned stories of forced feminization. I enjoy "realistic" stories, therefore our antagonists (or are they protagonists?) will employ hormones, surgery, and other realistic techniques to entrap and change their unwilling victims.


I know I will.

- Emory