Now that Jack is in Phase 2, what psychological changes should we focus on?

What physical alterations should be made in Phase 2?


Jack and Jill, Part 2

Thank you for voting, everyone! It was awesome to see everyone participating.

And here's Part 2! It's not as long as the first, but I figured you guys might prefer shorter, more frequent updates.

Nothing to vote on this time since we're watching your choices unfold...

If you're enjoying this, let me know in the comments. That's why I do this stuff. ;)


Jack and Jill, Part 1

Well, this has been the most elaborate and fun thing I've done so far.

The committee selected "Jack" as our feminization victim and Mr. Xu wasted no time in getting started! 

Below are the first 25 (!) images. They were a lot of work (I stayed up way too late over the last couple of days) but I really enjoyed creating them. I hope you guys like them so far and I'm pumped for your next choices.

They are large. But if you want to see them at full resolution You'll have to open them in a seperate tab.

And there are two new polls are open to determine Jack's fate! Vote in both. No Russian tampering, I promise. :-P

EDIT: Sorry, there's a typo in the poll. I was writing too fast and now I can't change it because people voted. It should read, "Audio hypnosis to make him feel more attracted to men."


Design by Committee

Hello Everyone!

I'm going to have some fun with you guys. ;)

Mr. Xu welcomes you to the Second Dawn.

You are favored members of a secret organization that feminizes young men for profit. You will vote on each stage of the feminization process. Their fate is in your hands!

P.S. I'm going to create these quickly, so vote fast! The polls will appear on the right side of the page. There are two right now to set the stage! Vote on both!



Happy Saturday!

This is a call-back to this earlier caption, one of my favorites. It's also a shout-out to Alix who came up with the Vadovatov House concept!


The Choice

I know it has been a while, everyone. Trust me, I'm hard at work at some awesome stuff!


Witchbreaker, Animated Preview

Hello my very patient friends.

We're in the home stretch and it's time for another preview. This one is animated and has transformations!

I must say, I'm proud of this project. I hope you'll all love it once it's done. Not too long now.

Full preview on YouTube:



Hello my patient friends.

Sorry I've been away so long. I've been hard at work on something very different. Below is a preview.

There's no TG content yet! It's all preamble. The TG will be totally animated and I'm quite excited about how it's coming.

I know this blog is dedicated to realistic captions, but I just couldn't get this story out of my head.

Tell me what you think. :)



Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Today's the day for romance, no matter how one chooses to express it... ;)

Quick Announcement: I'm going to be posting around once a week for awhile because I'm working on an exciting, big TG project! At least, exciting and big for me. ;)



Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of update last week. Needed a breather.

Ever wonder what happens to our new "girls" when their ordeal is ended? ;)


Best Served Cold

Hope everyone's having a good week so far!

I enjoy historical captions every now and again. It's in black and white, but it was such a delicious image... ;)


Enlisted - The Sequel!

You voted and I deliver! I hope you all like the follow-up to Enlisted! If you do, let me know. I've also included the original for any of you who missed it the first (and second) time around.

P.S. I was pleased to be able to obtain more pictures with the same model!


Don't Know What You've Got...

Happy Wednesday, to all you out there in caption land!

Huzzah! The poll is over and it was a big success. Thank you so much to everyone who voted.

ENLISTED was the winner! The sequel will be my next caption this week, so stay-tuned.

And yet... ATONEMENT was a close second.

So, yeah, I'm going to do both. Not sure when the Atonement sequel will be, but keep an eye out

Now, on to today's caption. This one is not as dark as most of my others. You wonderful folks deserve a little ray of sunshine after you made my voting dreams comes true. :P




Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

There's 3 days left to vote in the poll, and it's coming down to the wire. So far, Enlisted is edging out Atonement, but only slightly. I'm really eager to see which one wins.

Anyway, here's really why you came... the caption!



The start of a new week at the start of a new year. I hope you've all been enjoying my captions. I'm going to try my damnedest to post more regularly this year. I made a resolution about it and everything. ;)

Also, I'm in the mood to do a sequel caption. Below you'll find a poll for you to vote on which 2014 caption I should do an update for! I've also included a link to the captions in case you missed them or want to be reminded.

EDIT: The poll went away, sorry about that. It's on the right now, and here are the links!

Make It Up to Him