The Wrong Man

We're in a dark period, folks.

But, I mean, c'mon - This pic is practically begging to be captioned!

And if you want even more?

www.patreon.com/emoryahlberg :D


Jack and Jill - Phase 3 (Part 2)

Hello guys and girls!

Jack and Jill - Phase 3, Part 2 will be up on TG Comics in a couple days. But if you can't wait, I just sent it to my patrons.

That's 59 new panels to enjoy, including a look at Jack's new face. Or, at least, one of several possible new faces. Which one he gets will ultimately be for you to decide. :D

Here's the link if you're so inclined.


New Caption and PATREON Announcement

Hello everyone!

First of all (because I know you're wondering), the next phase of Jack & Jill is done and has been sent over to TG Comics for final approval. I expect it will be up tomorrow or the day after. I'm really excited for you guys to see it!

Now for the big news:

With your support, I've decided to jump on the Patreon bandwagon. Here's the link to my creator page:


I'm both nervous and hopeful. The details are pretty simple, so I'll save you a click and outline them all right here:

By creating a Patreon, I hope to accelerate my ability to craft more (and even better!) CGI comics and caption stories. But that's just the start! I have big plans for 2018, including illustrating a novella authored by none other than Megan Roberts, and also (hopefully) completing animation on Witchbreaker.

So what do you get out of the deal?

New Content!
  1. At least 3 "realistic" forced feminization captions per week. Two of which will be available exclusively to my patrons.
  2. New, high-resolution comic panels every two weeks. These will be available exclusively to my patrons for at least a month after each "phase" is complete. Once Jack & Jill is finished, I'll move on to another exciting project. 
  3. Unexpected extras! I'm always experimenting with storytelling techniques. I'll sometimes create one-off CGI animations and stories. When my imagination runs wild, even I'm never quite sure what will happen, but the results are always... interesting!
The Jack & Jill comic panels will be released to you every two weeks. Now you won't have to wait around for weeks or months to find out what happens next! This will remain true for all future comics.

You'll never be charged for any of the content I create. For instance, when the CGI illustrated novella is released, it will be on sale on Lulu for around $10. But for all you lovely patrons, it'll be free in addition to all other content created that month.

You know the "Platinum Star" members from the Jack & Jill story? That'll be you! I have a passion for collaborative storytelling, and I'll frequently call upon my patrons to determine the fate of the characters. What's the punishment for their bad behavior? What do we make them wear? How do we alter their body and mind?

If you ever wanted to feel like you had a say in how somebody was changed from a man to a woman, now's your chance!

With all that out of the way, here's the first new caption in a long while. And if you head on over to Patreon, there are 2 more captions waiting for you already!



Jack & Jill: Phase 3 (Part 1) - Extended Preview Continued x4!

Remember when I said I'd post 30 panels? How about 51 instead. Enjoy, and please comment if you liked it!