Maternity Leave

Happy New Year! 2015 will be a great year--or at least it will for TG captions!

So, the below caption is one of those that personally tickles my fancy. I've always loved the idea of a man being feminized in this way.

I know it's a bit of a long one, but I hope you like it all the same.

Have a safe and fun New Year's Eve everyone!


Fairy Dust

Okay, this is it until after Santa comes. Have a Merry Christmas, everyone. :)



Hi again, everybody. Here's another caption. Yay! I hope to do one more tomorrow before I'm gone for Christmas. I know, I know... I just got back... ;)


Make It Up To Him

Merry Christmas! Terribly sorry for my long absence. No real excuse, except to say I became incredibly busy and was a little dry on inspiration. Thanks for your patients and all your kind comments, though!

Hope everyone out there in TG land is having a good holiday season so far. Anyway, on to the first caption in a long while. :)