Alter, Part 4

Here it is! The finale!

I hope you've all enjoyed the last caption series of 2016. :D

All in all, 2016 was not as productive for me on the captioning front. Luckily, there are exciting times ahead for those who enjoy my brand of, erm, storytelling.

2017 will be a year to remember... ;-)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Alter, Part 3

Happy Friday! Hope you had a good week. Below is the penultimate part of my latest series.

What do you think Kayla is up to? ;-)


Alter, Part 2

Thanks for the congrats and comments on the last caption! Glad you guys are liking this series so far.

Here's a three-panel continuation to hopefully make your Monday a little brighter. 

There's more of Brett and Kayla's story to come. :)


Alter, Part 1

My 100th caption!

Hope you guys like this one, because I do, and there is more to this story... ;)


Dangers of the Deep Web

Welcome to December, everybody!

'Tis the season... for captions! ;-)



The Outfit

Hi All,

I picked up DAZ last week and have been having a blast learning the in's and out's. Below is my first attempt at a render / transformation. I thought you all might enjoy the fruits of my labor, amateurish as it may be.

(Couldn't help myself and did a little work in Photoshop).
Oh, and don't worry... I don't plan on changing my commitment to realistic caption stories, it was just easier to use magic as a test bed. Also, I'm sure I'll still use photographs most of the time. However, I think CGI might be useful for long-form storytelling to show the long, slow effects of hormones and surgery... ;-)

Eric found the outfit in his girlfriend's attic. Always a goofball, he put it on and set up a camera. He planned on emailing the photos to her as a joke. Unfortunately, Erik didn't realize the outfit had belonged to his girlfriend's grandmother. Turns out, she hadn't always been the matriarch of the family.



Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, everyone! I wanted to fit in another caption for you before I stuff my face full of deliciousness and can't move for the next week. ;)



Butterfly, Part 4 - The Finale

It's Friday! Wooo! Here's the finale to The Butterfly. And as a special treat, it's a whopping four captions!

Hope you enjoy.

Oh! And I want to give a special shout-out to two new excellent blogs which have appeared on my radar: Sydney's Sissy Captions & Ekaterina's TG Captions

If you're a fan of my sort of captions, you'll love these girls, too. :D


Butterfly, Part 3

Here's the second to last installment! Hope you guys are intrigued to see where all this is headed! Personally, I'm enjoying the slow burn... But we're about to turn up the heat! ;)


Butterfly, Part 2

Hello! There were so many nice comments yesterday that I wanted to get the next one up quick as a flash. Hope you guys like this one, too.

I wonder what Melanie is up to? ;-)


Butterfly, Part 1

This is based off a great idea that Kitty, sent me. Sorry it took so long, K! Thanks for your patience. :)

More to come, so hope you like the start!

If so, tell me. You guys are really great with comments. They're like rocket fuel for captioneers. ;-) 


Selective Memory

Hey everyone! Long delay, I know, but the muse is fitful little lady. ;)

Hope you enjoy this one!


Without Your Health...

Hey all!

I read this article about using estradiol to help treat symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Right now they're only trying it out for women, but what if a man wanted to relieve his symptoms?



I like this new concept. Hope you do as well. I may do a couple of them. :)



A little shorter than most of my others, but you know what they say about brevity. ;-)



Sorry, all. Came down with the flu. Feeling better now!


The Iron Price

The new season of Game of Thrones is almost here! Around this time, I always get a hankering to do a GoT-inspired caption.

Luckily, I got a sneak peak into next season's story like for one of the characters...

P.S. Not sure this will be everyone's cup of tea since it's a photo manip, but I have to say I'm fairly proud of how it turned out.



This one was a request for a caption that focused on how the person's hair shaped their feminine transformation.

What will happen to Jesse? Er, Jessi? Will he ever go back to college as a guy or as one of the pretty coeds he used to lust after?


Personal Trainer

Hey friends!

What do you think? Will Georgina succumb to her trainer? Or is she having too much fun with her newfound popularity with the girls?


The Daughter She Always Wanted, Part 2

Everyone seemed to enjoy Matthew's story, so I decided to do a follow-up.

Hope you like Maddie's adventure on the beach. ;)

P.S. Special thanks to Jay for the inspiration!


The Daughter She Always Wanted

Hope everyone had a great President's Day!

Here we are with another caption. It's not very Presidential, but I hope it's at least entertaining.

What do you think Matthew's mom will say when she sees what's become of her son?



Hi everybody! Sorry I've not been able to post very regularly. Life's been keeping me busy. But here's a two-parter for you!

Enjoy. :)


Competitive Edge

Hello everyone!

I came across this news article today, and a caption sprung into my mind. Hope you enjoy it! If so, leave a comment. It inspires me to make more. :)

Rio 2016: Olympic body changes transgender guidelines




The Crown Prince

Happy 2016 everyone! Hope you had a healthy and happy holiday season.

Okay, on to the good stuff...

Who thinks Erik will take this lying down?

(Get it?)