Jack's Journal - 8/30/17

Just a little bonus for you guys while you wait for the next phase of Jack's story. 75 panels! Should be out soon. :D


Jack and Jill: Preview and Question!

Hello everyone! Jack & Jill is coming along nicely. The next part will be over 60 panels long and introduces a couple major new characters.

This is the first panel. My current plan is to abandon the desktop / transcript motif and instead have each panel be two images: One raw, and one with dialogue / notes from Mr. Xu. The reason I'm doing this is because I like high-res images and it's limiting to have to squeeze in those other elements.

These two images are an example of that. So the question is... what do you think about that?

Thanks for any feedback!


Jack & Jill Part 3, High-Resolution

Just uploading the high-resolution version of the last Jack & Jill release. Most of you probably saw it already on TG Comics.

The next part is coming along!