Fortunate Wife

This is a sequel to Fortunate Son!The second section was written by a watcher from DeviantArt, Coyotey.

The idea was so delicious I asked their permission to use it for the sequel. It has only been lightly edited. Enjoy! And thanks again for the idea / story, Coyotey!



One of the many comics / captions over on my Patreon. This was first published many moons ago there. Enjoy!


Going Mad Part 1 & 2

There is more to this story! 3 more panels for my dear patrons. Head on over if you want more of this story, plus a heck of a lot more.



My first ever GIF caption. Just experimenting, really. Hope you like it!


Good Intentions

Again different from my usual "subject," but I liked the story when it popped into my noggin. Hope you do as well. :D


Getting Ready

A good ol' fashioned caption for a good ol' fashioned good time. ;)


Homecoming, Part 1

We seldom examine what happens if one of our new girls manages to escape. Is there any way to go back to your old life once your masculinity has been forcibly ripped away?

Homecoming tells the story of Chris, a man who was captured and feminized. However, this isn't the story of his transformation from burly dude to a voluptuous woman. Instead, this is about what happens after his escape.

How does one rebuild their lives after such an event? Is it even possible?

I hope you like this attempt at a "CGI caption." While I love using traditional photographs, generating my own images gives me a lot more flexibility.

Where does it go from here? My patrons have already decided and it's delicious. More to come!

Let me know what you think!