Keeping the Balance, Part 4

Hello everyone. Here's the conclusion to Nathan's tale! I'm pretty satisfied with how it ended up, and I hope you are, too; let me know!

Oh, look... We've surpassed 1 million pageviews!!!

That's fantastic. Thank you, everyone, for continuing to visit.

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Keeping the Balance, Part 3

Well, it's Monday again. But you know what? That just means a whole new week of captions. ;)

This is the third part of the "Keeping the Balance" series. I think I have one more to complete Nathan's story.

Oh! And it looks like I'm closing in on 1 million page views. That's pretty damn cool.



Keeping the Balance, Part 2

Happy Friday, all.

You lovely guys and gals clamored for a continuation to Nathan's story, and I'm more than delighted to oblige.

Is this the end of his story? That's up to you! Personally, I think there may be more of Nathan's tale to tell. ;)


Keeping the Balance

Hello everyone! Thanks for the wonderful feedback on the last caption. Seems like everyone enjoyed the follow-up to "Evelyn's" story. :)

We have another one today. Hope you enjoy it!


Lying Low: The Sequel

Howdy, everyone.

Last June, I created a caption series I really loved called "Lying Low." The ending basically begged for a follow-up, but I never got around to it. Luckily, my friend Jay took it upon himself to dream up a fantastic follow-up and posted it in the comment section. I was so enamored with his efforts, that I stole it (with his blessing, of course).

90% of what you're about to read is Jay's creation. I only edited it, and added a few special details of my own. ;)

So! Without further ado, I present the sequel to "Lying Low!" I hope you enjoy it.

(I also included the original two captions, for those who don't remember them)



Becoming Brianna

Hope everyone's weekend is off a promising start. Today, we have a two-parter. Enjoy!


Best Friends

Hope everyone is having a great weekend out there in Internet-land.



Vadovatov House Victims Dossier: Sofiya

Happy Friday, everyone.

Today's caption is an homage to my favorite captioneer on the Internet: Alix of Alix's TG Captions. It's based off of one of her most wonderful creations: The "victims dossiers" of young men forced into a life of female prostitution at the Vadovatov House in Russia.

I hope I did it some justice.