Doing Time

Okay! Now that we're back in business, here's a caption for you all. This one is a little wordy, but I couldn't help myself.

Hope you're having a good weekend. If not, get on that! ;-)

(Yes, I'm in a good mood)


  1. Upon Peach's next visit to the psychologist she was informed that the states board of prisons has approved her transfer to a woman's prison. Peach thought this was perfect she would be out of Victors control and she could ease up on the hormone treatments allowing Peters testosterone to take over again making him stronger then the women at the new prison so he wouldn't fear for his life anymore. "Wonderful you don't know how hard it is being a transgender woman in a man's prison I want to get out of here as soon as possible." "Great" the psychologist said "we will transfer you after you get out of the hospital" "why would I be in the hospital?" "well the state is paying for your surgery and we have to give you time to recover" Peter suddenly became terrified knowing what she meant. "You're lucky we live in such a progressive state. Now I see you looked frightened that's normal honey" "Umm maybe this isn't a good idea what if I'm not transgender." "Of course you are what you have told me in all our sessions is classic gender dysphoria. Unless of course you were lying to me which if that the case you could get another 15 years in this place for defrauding the state. You weren’t were you?” “I can’t survive another 15 years in this place” Peter thought. “Umm no of course I wasn’t lying I-I want to be a woman” he said softly. “Great we can have you transferred this afternoon to a regional jail near the hospital so I’ll have the guards take you back to your cell to gather your things and say goodbye to your cellmate.” As the guard walked Peter back he said to Peter. “ You know it’s funny Victor has had 3 other cellmates that turned out to be trangendered! Strange huh?” As he gathered up his things Victor told him that he was his favorite of all his “projects” and he has one last command for his slave. “We you get out in 3 years you will agree to be my wife and come for all conjugal visits as well as send me sexy pictures of yourself nude, in lingerie various poses I think you get the idea. And I have friends on the outside who will make things very difficult if you renege” Peter nodded feeling sick to his stomach. “Good my darling I look forward to seeing you In three years totally completed.”

    1. Another great epilogue to the caption. These are wildly entertaining (and super hot!).

      Thanks, Jay! :D

    2. Thanks Emory! I enjoy sharing the ideas that pop into my head about what I think happens to the characters next or the expanded universe they live in. I'm always a little tentative about doing so since I don't want to interfere with the artist work. Example you said you've been wanting to do a followup for 'Lying Low' I would love to see that and hope my own epilogue didn't interfere with your creative process. Glad you're enjoying them I think there're hot too.

    3. Your epilogue was wonderful. I truly loved it, and it was exactly where I hope to go with the story. If anything, I may translate it into caption form... with your permission, of course. :)

    4. That would be fine. If you wanted to edit that's fine too there're would be a few minor changes I might make if I was writing it again anyway.

    5. And by fine I mean I would absolutely love it if you did that.

    6. Great!!! I may edit it a little, but it's really great as it is. :)