Jack & Jill - Timelapse!

Some people have wondered if I've used the same model for Jack / Jill the whole time. I have! And here's how he's become so curvy over the last year.

P.S. You may need to give it about 30 seconds to load! 


  1. He start with prety small dick the size almost not noticeable n would love to see his ass.will the release in the comming week?

  2. Awesome to see this! I like these sorts of visual transformations.

    I hope I don't seem like I'm being and arse if I offer some criticisms.

    1. With gifs, you can change the the delay PER FRAME so you you can have the character stats display for 20s before the next frame starts, this would lead to a gif that's a few KB in size as compared to this 25mb file. This gif isn't optimized either, with and optimized gif, only the changes between frames are stored, this also leads to a significantly smaller gif.

    2. I might have preferred the stats to the left or right of the character. Just to make it a little cleaner to view/read.

    1. Good to know, Kronk! I'll have to try to learn how to do this. :D