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Hello everyone!

I came across this news article today, and a caption sprung into my mind. Hope you enjoy it! If so, leave a comment. It inspires me to make more. :)

Rio 2016: Olympic body changes transgender guidelines




  1. Great work as always Emory, glad to see you're back at it.
    Great picture and the expression really fits.

  2. "... "Seriously, Billy?! What do you want me to do; Swim, or show off my feminine form?! You know that female swimmers only wear one-piece suits to streamline their bodies and reduce drag!"

    "I know, Babe- uh, buddy! But showing-off your new, streamlined curves will help you acclimate to your femininity and get you past feeling like you're a guy in drag! Besides, Mattie; You really are turning into a totally hot chick! Whether you hide your bulging 'clitty' or not!!!"

    "You're such an asshole! I don't need to show this body off to be fully aware of... Wait. Did you just say..." Matt had been trying to ignore the sensations of the cool, morning air making his nipples stiffen atop their new deposits of fatty tissue and sending messages of arousal to his remaining maleness. "...that you think I'm HOT as a chick?!"

    The thought of such a ladies-man as Billy telling Matt that he is an attractive babe stuck a recently emerging nerve in the reluctant trans-woman as he noticed the bulge beginning to grow in his coach's shorts. "Just hand me back my board-shorts & sweatshirt so I can hide all of my shapes. Then you can take me to breakfast and discuss what you really want from me, Billy!" ..."

    Begging your pardon for my "epELLEogue", Emory! But, it occurs to me that it's hard for guys & gurlz to maintain a purely platonic relationship. Don't you think? And, while I love your caption and the image, it's seems like this sort of thing is what the Committee's ruling is intended to guard against. But I'd still love to become as lovely as this woman.. By whatever means!

    As for allowing trans-gender athletes to compete under the constraints mentioned in the article; I believe the guidelines still fail to address the reality of those who truly inhabit the reality of the third gender. Perhaps, rather than limiting their contests to only two genders, adding an inter-sexed/trans-sexual category would be a better solution. Just my opinion.


    1. What a wonderful addition to the caption, Elle. It made my day. Thanks!!!! :D

    2. You're most welcome Emory. And I'm glad you liked it so, thank you, too!! :X :x

  3. Great caption. One question, who's idea was the sexy hip tattoo?