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Ready for a new week? Yeah, me either. Well, let's get it started right with a new caption.

Comment if you like it. :)


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  2. What you don't know Scott your entire imprisonment and transformation has been filmed by a series of HD cameras and broadcast live over the web. It's become the biggest internet sensation of all time. People talk about it at the water cooler almost daily. Most believe it's an elaborate and entertaining hoax by Scott to garner publicity for our organization. They joke "Scotia is far more famous than Scott ever would be."
    I think you would be pleased to know that donations for your organization have gone through the roof and as your acting chairman have put the money much good for many oppressed women. I should report you are missing and not on a the spiritual journey at an isolated Tibetan monstrosity like the cover story you gave before going on this mission. I'm sure diplomatic pressure from the UK and her American allies would get you freed and back home in a matter of hours. I've spoken to doctors who said recent medical advancements could totally reverse what has been done to you, our heath care would even cover it. If I do however public attention would go elsewhere and donations likely would dry up and we wouldn't be able to help the thousands of women we've been helping. There's also the fact that I'm a HUGE fan of the website, I never miss your nightly showers and the morning ritual of you putting on the lingerie the prince picks for you wear! Wow that's hot.

    Your Acting Chairman, friend and guy who enjoys watching you struggle with everything female.

    1. Wow, I love your ending, Jay. I think that's now canon for poor Scott. ;)

    2. Thanks Emory! Glad you like it. I'm happy it's now part of Scott's fate. The star of a perverse Truman Show. :D
      I wish blogspot had an edit option for posts, that jumbled sentence in the middle drives me nuts. That and I wish I would have signed out; Acting Chairman, friend and biggest fan.