The Scholarship

Hello favorite Internet people. Here's a long(ish) one with multiple captions. I hope you enjoy reading about Arnold / Audrey's plight as much as I did creating it!



  1. Kind of lame that trans-women are described as 'boys pretending to be girls' and the suggestion that you somehow turn trans just because you pretended to be trans but w/e

    1. Agreed! But that's Arthur talking, not me. :P

      Also the idea (perhaps poorly communicated) was that if he underwent SRS, he'd end up transgendered since he would then be a woman.

    2. The term "transgendered" literally is the conjunction of two words "transcending gender". That is what transsexuals are, and what they do. They transcend the normal boundaries of gender. Anyone, even a cross dresser or Arthur unwillingly taking HRT is a transsexual, whether they "want to be" or not.

  2. Great work on this one and the picture selection was a perfect fit!
    Glad to see you're back to work.