Lying Low

Welcome to the new week, everyone. I had a good time writing this story. Maybe too good of a time since I needed two pictures to fit it all in. Have a scandalous Monday, you guys.


  1. The two went out to a bar inside an upscale restaurant. As they talked Nicky asked questions most men ask women on dates about themselves. Chris was terrified he would see through the lies he was telling, they stayed until the place closed and Nicky took Chris home, he parked the Buick in front of Chris’s house turning off the car an angry look developing on his face he turned to Chris. “You’re lying” fear griped Chris further causing him to twitch away slightly, Nicky playfully smiled “You’re not married.” Chris laughed in relief. “It’s ok I’m not mad. I knew you where from your apartment I have a masters degree in Forensics, very handy in my line of work” Nicky Russo then told his own lie “I’m not Chris Erickson’s friend I’m a private investigator for a major law firm. I was trying to find him he scammed great deal of innocent people out of a lot of money, everything else I told you was true I was given this address by his ex but I guess she was just lying to get rid of me” They talked for a short while longer Nicky tried to get Chris to invite him inside. Chris made up and excuse that thankfully Nicky bought. As Chris closed the door to his apartment he saw the lights of the Buick pull away he sighed in relief “Thank God”.

    Chris thought he was in the clear “Nicky lives in Detroit he’s not going to come all the way to New Jersey for a girl” he thought. “I’ll lie low for another month just to be safe and then it’s off to the tropics ditch this disguise to live the rest of my life as a wealthy man lying on the beach in my swimming trucks with beautiful women all around me.”

    But what he didn’t know is that Nicky makes a few trips a month to New York City for “business” and would return to surprise Chris several times over the next few months. Chris was terrified each time, Nicky has been a gentleman thus far as he was with most of the women he targets to be his next “side girl” but was afraid that Nicky would simply grow tired of being rejected and simply try to rape him discovering the one “flaw” in his elaborate disguise. He hoped each time that Nicky wouldn’t come back it was still quite a drive and maybe he would find another girl in the city to peak his interest. But as Nicky pulled his car away for the 9th time after telling him he’d be back in about two weeks Chris fell to the floor sobbing, he knew Nicky wouldn’t stop, if he wanted to live he couldn’t keep putting it off and praying he would stop showing up it was getting to risky already. The doctor who had done this cutting edge work on his body so far told him If he “completed” his disguise he wouldn’t be able to go back his body wouldn’t be able to handle the change in hormones again. The doc told him because of all the money he has made already off Chris and the before and after picture he let him take to show clients(head cropped off) he could fit him in anytime he liked and that his new procedure has a very short recovery time “it will be ready to go in a week” he said “and be quite lovely” he added. He felt like he was going to though up as he signed the consent forms while trying to look happy this day was here. Ten days later the last component of Chris’s costume was “ready” for Nicky’s arrival.

    Nicky visited Chris every time he was in town for about six more months until like all his other side girls he got tired of the “old” and found another challenge for his NYC trips. When it was safe Chris ditched his cocktail waitress job he hated and headed off the live his dream….for the most part he’s wealthy and lies on the beach most days but he’s in a bikini instead of trunks and men still frequently pinch his butt.

    1. Oh, wow! Jay, I've wanted to do a follow-up on this caption for a long, long time. Again, you completely read my mind. This was the same direction I planned to go with. It's a wonderful little epilogue. Thank you!

    2. Your welcome. Would love to see a your follow-up caption someday. I thought of making my own(wouldn't post without your permission) but I'm not really that familiar with editing and don't have much time to learn that and I couldn't find any picture of the model. I've seen her before but can't think of where. She's sexy as hell! It's cool we think alike.

    3. Her name is Domino Presley.

      (I just had to find it myself.) ;)

    4. Wait! The model really is a MtF transsexual? I have to say I'm stunned, she fooled me.

    5. Or am I being punked? lol

    6. Nope, for real she's a MtF transsexual. I used more of them in my earlier captions. I thought it was interesting for a caption to show an actual MtF! Unfortunately, it's hard to find "good" pictures of trans girls where the lighting isn't just harsh porn lighting. I like my photos to be a little more artistic. ;)

      But yep, this model (and the ones in the new series) are Domino Presley.

    7. I notice you used other MtFs in your other captions but I thought the t-girl model tag was for the character and not the actual model lol. So I didn't "notice" all the MtFs I would never have guessed Domino Presley and the models in Special Delivery, Everything A Girl Could Want and For His Own Good aren't genetic females. They are classy pics too. ;)

    8. Yeah, those are classy pics and classy girls. I just wish it wasn't so hard to find more of them. Unfortunately, most t-girls you find pictures of are from porn shoots, and those don't usually have the best lighting or composition. :-(

      It's too bad, because I think using a t-girl elevates the "realism" of the caption, at least for me.

      Then again, I like using beautiful photographs of beautiful genetic women, too. ;)